A Green Odyssey


The "Eco-Pad Yatra" is now an annual event that takes place around the world. Thousands join for this large-scale environmental effort, both to education communities and to pick up the toxic litter that pollute water sources in critical regions. Events have taken place in Mumbai, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar, with numerous "mini Pad Yatras" now popping up through Asia and Europe. Several tons of plastic waste have now been retrieved from landscapes and recycled. If you are interested in participating in the event, organizers Live to Love announce the news and updates. 

In recent years, participants have begun large-scale "Bicycle Yatras" as well, to promote ecologically-friendly modes of transport. The most recent one took local and international environmentalists from Kathmandu (Nepal) to Ladakh (in the Indian Himalayas) - a journey that lasted over 3 months through some of the most extreme climates and altitudes on earth. 

The beloved "Kung Fu Nuns" of the Drukpa Buddhist lineage, as seen in the film, are some of the most active participants of these events, and they simultaneously champion gender equality in the remote regions visited.  


 The "Kung Fu Nuns" on the 2016 Bicycle Yatra through the Himalayas

The "Kung Fu Nuns" on the 2016 Bicycle Yatra through the Himalayas

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